Motion Detector Kit

  • Compact and portable.
  • Adds safety to your home or office.
  • Learn the basics of motion detector technology.
  • Uses a pyroelectric infrared sensor.
  • Simple and fun to build.
  • Battery operated.

    Complete with all parts, PC board, case schematic, and extensive training manual. This kit/trainer includes an infrared detector, 3 integrated circuits, 16 resistors, 8 capacitors, 2 diodes, a switch, a speaker, a battery snap and cabinet parts.

    The block diagram includes, Power Supply, Infrared Detector, Operational Amplifers & Filters, and a Tone Generator. It has a very good manual explaining its operation and theory. It gives many application examples. It is a very popular kit.

    Can be used as a Sentry, Burglar Alarm, Movement sensor, etc.,

    Power = 9VDC
    Current = Operation 60mA (average) Standby Typical less than 4mA
    Detection = Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor
    Detection Distance = 30 feet max., best at 4.5 feet to 24 feet
    Output Sound = High frequency / Low frequency tone (Ding-Dong sound) 85-90dB peak
    Operating range = -10 to +50 degrees Centigrade

  • Motion Detector Kit

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