AM Radio Kit/Trainer (Special Deal)

This training manual is divided into 5 lessons: Audio Amplifier, Detector, IF Amplified, "Superheterodyne" receiver of standard AM (amplitude modulated) broadcast frequencies. (PC board 10 1/2" x 3 1/2")

The unique design of these kits allows you to place the parts over its corresponding symbol in the schematic drawing on the surface of the printed circuit board during assembly. This technique maximizes the learning process while keeping the chances for an assembly error at a minimum.

This kit includes an assembly, lesson and theory of operation manual. The actual assembly is broken into simple sections. Each section should be completely tested before moving on. This reduces difficult trouble-shooting associated with many similar kits. Also included are practical hi-tech blue PC board with the schematic printed on the surface, and battery and solder included. The manual is easy to understand, no previous knowledge of electronics is necessary. This radio kit PC board has been designed so that no cabinet is necessary. A special bracket provides the necessary support to use the radio in any location, displaying the work achievement of the student.

AM Radio Kit/Trainer (Special Deal)

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