Nerve Tester Shocker Game Kit

8870cti.jpg Nerve Tester Shocker Game Kit

Product Information
This kit is actually two separate projects built into one. They are both designed to test your 'nerves'. Want to be a surgeon, better have calm hands. Try this with your friends and you'll be laughing your head off. You can either feel the 'shock' or turn on an LED to indicate the calmness of your nerves. I dare you to try! Also, you can build a SHOCK BOX by putting the kit into a metal box (any box covered with aluminum foil) such that the lid and the rest of the box is not electrically connected so when someone (unsuspecting) touches the box with one hand and opens the lid with the other, you will get a shock. The kit allows you to vary the strength of the shock and it runs on a 9 volt battery. This is one of the most fun kits you will ever build! Comes with complete instructions.

Nerve Tester Shocker Game Kit $9.95

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