Power Blaster Color Organ Kit

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Make Mood Magic

With this deluxe color organ you get 5 controls, one master control and 1 for each of the 4 channels (High/Mid.High/Mid.Low/Low).

Power it up and dazzle your friends with Psychodelic dancing blasting Lights. Be the hit of all the parties with your colored Musical Light Show. Mood is Everything! Quiet it down with the 5 adjustable controls for a gentle glimmering romantic mood maker.

The light intensity, for each string, is controlled by the frequency and the loudness of the sound for each channel. You can connect this up to the finest stereos with total confidence that the lights will be in total control by the music. This can be used professionally as well as at home for great dance parties. This will be the best color organ you have ever built! It was designed by our color organ 'guru'. Build one today and it will last for years... Easy to build and maintain. Comes with complete instructions.

Note: For the mic input use a crystal mic not a dynamic mic.

A color organ is a device that makes a 'light show' from music. The channels are not strictly divided by frequency, there is a lot of cross-over to make it more interesting. David McDonald, the color organ guru that has designed all of our color organs, has tried thousands of designs and this is the best.

A color organ is to be connected to an audio music source with lots of frequencies and then you adjust all the controls to give you the most interesting display of lights, depending on the type of music you are playing. Build one today and enjoy music in a whole new way!

This item does not come with a case. This kit requires soldering of all components and is not available pre-assembled.

Power Blaster Color Organ Kit $29.95

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