54-0000-1003 10- 3 Swabs envelope/Kit

Anyone in the company involved with the Lead Free transition, who needs to know if leaded/LF solder, components and HASL board finishes can use this product. Some of our regular customers who use these kits are
-Quality Engineers and Supervisors (Incoming and Final QA)
-Line Managers
-Rework/Hand soldering Departments
-Field Engineers
This kit includes
-10- 3 Swabs envelope/Kit
-Alcohol Swabs
-Cotton Tipped Applicators
-Plastic Trays
-Applicator palette holder
-Test Method Instructions

Advantages of using this product:
-Easy, convenient check to measure if lead is in your board finishes, components and solder connections!!
-Cost effective, one Swab, multiple lead tests!
-Key tool for companies taking on dual Leaded and Lead Free systems and how to differentiate between the two.
54-0000-1003 10- 3 Swabs envelope/Kit

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