trim_mt_cer Spectrol Potentiometer

Potentiometer/Trimmer Selector Guide

Trimmers - Multiturn
Package TypePackage TypePackage TypePackage Type
Package Size3/4" Rectangular3/8" Square3/8" Square3/8" Square
Element TypeCermetCermetCermetCermet
Resistance Range10 Ohms to 2 Meg Ohms10 Ohms to 2 Meg Ohms10 Ohms to 2 Meg Ohms10 Ohms to 2 Meg Ohms
Resistance Tolerance±10%±10%±10%±10%
TC PPM/°C±100±100±100±100
Power Rating3/4W @ +70°C1/2W @ +70°C1/2W @ +70°C1/2W @ +70°C
Electrical Travel20 Turns25 Turns25 Turns25 Turns
Contact Resistance
Variation (CRV)
1% or 1 Ohms2% or 20 Ohms2% or 20 Ohms2% or 20 Ohms
Temperature Range-55° to +125°C-55° to +125°C-55° to +125°C-55° to +125°C
Mechanical Life200 Cycles200 Cycles200 Cycles200 Cycles

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