RS1 Semi-Conductors Electronic Parts

  • Thick Film Hybrid Construction
  • High Current Thyristor for 100A Surge Capability
  • 4KV Optical Isolation
  • Industry Standard Package
  • RS1-1D4-21

    Printed Circuit Board Mountable
    Solid State Relay, 4 Amp
    Photo of RS1 Series Relay

    Input Specifications
    Control Voltage: 3 - 24VDC
    Min. Turn On Voltage: 3.0VDC
    Max. Input Voltage: 24VDC
    Drop Out Voltage: 1.0VDC
    Max. Input Current: 25mADC
    Nom. Input Resistance: 1k Ohm

    Output Specifications
    Max. Output Voltage: 280VAC
    Max. Output Current: 4A @ 20°C Ambient
    Nom. Line Voltage: 200Vrms
    Min. Line Voltage: 24Vrms
    Max. Line Voltage: 280Vrms
    Max. Peak Of-State Voltage: 600V Peak
    Static (Off-State) dv/dt: 200V/µs

    Electrical Specifications
    Max. On-State Current: 3.5A
    Min. On-State Current: 0.5A
    Max. 1-Cycle Surge: 100A
    On-State Voltage Drop: 1.6V Peak
    Max. On-State Leakage: 6.0mArms

    Enviornmental Characteristics
    Operating: -30° to +80°C
    Storage: -40° to +100°C

    Operational Characteristics
    Response Time: 0.5 Cycle
    Capacitance Input-to-Output: 8pF Max
    Linee Frequency Range: 47 to 63Hz

    Dimensional Drawings

    Equivalent Circuit
    Internal Schematic

    Mounting StylesDescriptionNTE Type No.
    DIN Rail Mount1-Position SocketRLY9141
    2-Position SocketRLY9142
    4-Position SocketRLY9144

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