A Vast Line of Reliable Resistors

The NTE quality line of Flameproof Resistors is designed for replacement and original equipment use. They are ideal for use in entertainment products, telecommunications equipment, industrial (MRO) equipment, power supplies, computers, and as replacement resistors in all types of applications where safety is a concern. Our line of resistors can be used to replace carbon composition, metal film, cermet film, wirewound, and metal glaze. In short, our resistors can be used in all market areas and applications. NTE's complete line of Flameproof Resistors range in capability from 1/8 watt to 25 watts with values ranging from .010 Ohm to 22 Meg Ohms.
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Note:  Here is a handy Resistor Color Code Calculator Graphical Resistor Calculator. By selecting the proper color bands, this page will calculate the value of a resistor.
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  • .0625W Surface Mount (0603 Type)
  • 1 Watt Fusible Power Oxide
  • 100mW Surface Mount (0805 Type)
  • 2 Watt Fusible Power Oxide
  • 250mW Surface Mount (1206 Type)
  • 5 Watt Power Wirewound
  • 1/8 Watt Metal
  • 10 Watt Power Wirewound
  • 1/4 Watt Metal
  • 25 Watt Power Wirewound
  • 1/4 Watt Metal, 1% Tolerance
  • 5 Watt Aluminum Housed Power Wirewound
  • 1/2 Watt Metal
  • 10 Watt Aluminum Housed Power Wirewound
  • 1 Watt Metal
  • 25 Watt Aluminum Housed Power Wirewound
  • 2 Watt Metal
  • 50 Watt Aluminum Housed Power Wirewound
  • 3 Watt Metal
  • Pre-Packaged Resistor Kit

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