Performance Plus 3 Motor Spray

Performance Plus has been developed specifically to aid in maintenance, cleaning and conditioning of all stock and modified electric race car motors. It is a needed prevention maintenance tool that will noticeably improve your motor's performance and efficiency. This is done by eliminating power-robbing resistance and arcing caused by accumulated and unwanted carbon deposits on the commutator.
* Helps Motor Achieve Top Performance and Efficiency
* Removes Oils, Greases, Grime, Dirt and Other Contaminates
* Excellent for Cleaning Shocks, Bearings, Differentials, Gearboxes, Electronics adn Other R/C Car Components
* Safe on Plastics and Car Bodies
The quick evaporating, zero residue, Performance Plus 3 formula also removes accumulated brush dust and impurities caused by the wearing of moving parts within the motor. In addition, Performance Plus 3 is excellent for cleaning shocks, bearings, differentials, gearboxes, electronics, and other R/C car components.
Performance Plus 3 Motor Spray

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