Duster , PureTronics 7000


For General Purpose Type Applications

Removes dust, lint, dirt, oxide particles and other dry contaminants
Delivers up to 70 psi blasting power
Safe on plastics
Zero residue
Moisture Free
Ozone Safe

Value Duster is an economical high-powered duster developed for general purpose type applications. Value Duster's special blend of 134A and DME offers the necessary blasting power to remove microscopic contaminates like dust, lint, dirt, oxide particles and other dry contaminants. It is an excellent preventive maintenance tool on electronic, electrical, optical, mechanical and industrial components and equipment. Also, Value Duster helps in the evaporation of slow drying cleaning solvents.
Applications: electronic components and equipment, audio/video equipment, electrical equipment, electromechanical devices, photographic equipment, printed circuit boards, timers, computers, keyboards, printers, office machines, medical devices, optical equipment, laboratory instrumentation, aerospace electronics and avionics, etc.

Duster , PureTronics 7000
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