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A Message from the President:

Thank-you for your interest in Centerpointe Electronics We are proud to present our website and we hope it will help make your work easier. At Centerpointe our Motto is "DIFFERENT BECAUSE WE CARE", and we take our commitment to providing quality Customer Service and Support very seriously.

Centerpointe was originally established in response to a growing need for a company dedicated to serving the small volume Electronics Purchaser (IE: Computer Repair Depots, Service Technicians, TV and VCR Repair Centers, Hobbyists, Students, Teachers, and small Manufacturers).

We offer a broad range of products and we are continuosly adding new products. Products added are in direct relation to input from our customers which we value a great deal. Our goal is to maintain the inventory, competitive pricing, and proper shipping standards that will enhance our customers business and demonstrate our organizations' strong commitment to Customer Service.

We are committed to successful achievement of this goal, and we are welcome to the valuable input of our customers. Please feel free to contact me personally if I may ever be of assistance to you.

Welcome to Centerpointe Electronics where we remain:"DIFFERENT BECAUSE WE CARE."

Toll-Free: 1-800-272-2737

Contact Us:

Centerpointe Electronic Components, Inc.
PO Box 1212
Riverton, UT 84065
Toll Free: 800-272-2737
Intl. Call No.: 714-821-1100
Intl. Fax No.: 801-280-2723