Supply voltage: 12 to 18V DC / 3 to 4A Based on four TDA2003 Integrated Circuits Input sensitivity: 100mV / 47K Ohm Output power using 18V DC supply: Music power: > 2 x 22W / 4 Ohm RMS power: 2 x 16W / 4 Ohm or 2 x 12W / 8 Ohm Frequency response: 30Hz to 20KHz (-3dB) Includes four gold-anodized heat sinks Includes volume control PC board dimensions: This circuit consists of two separate 20W bridged power amplifiers (one for each channel) based on four TDA2003 monolithic Integrated Circuits to deliver more than 40W of music power into a pair of 4 Ohm speakers. Running on 12V DC, this stereo amplifier is ideal for the car in order to boost the audio power or to add two more speakers. In addition, it can be connected to any stereo audio source such as a Walkman, Discman, or MP3 Player.
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